View Full Version : Make Search Always Visible in Web Interface

Ron Olsen
2007-01-03, 19:56
I think a good enhancement to the SlimServer web interface would be to have the Search/Advanced Search box located in the upper part of the page (shaded dark gray) so it's always visible, regardless of what's being displayed on the rest of the page.

This would eliminate the need to go back to the Home page and then click on Search to get the Search box to show.

See http://www.mountainproject.com for an example of an always-visible Search capability.

2007-01-03, 20:33
The Fishbone skin has that feature already.


Ron Olsen
2007-01-05, 04:36
Thanks for the pointer, Steve.

Unfortunately, the Fishbone skin doesn't work with the XM Radio plugin, which I often use. The left-hand frame is blank. I tried the Fishbone skin with several browsers (Firefox, Konqueror, Opera), and got the same results when I selected XM Radio Online.

Many other skins don't work with the XM Radio plugin either; the Default skin is the only one that works reliably.

I still think that Search should always be available in the Default skin, not just Fishbone.

2007-01-05, 05:51
It strikes me that the default skin is well overdue for an overhall (preferably with input from a professional gui designer). Perhaps it is being overhauled as we type. There has been much talk of Ajax in the last few months and I can't believe that Logica think it's a good interface.