View Full Version : Play problems on SB3

2007-01-01, 13:31
I posted a different issue about my friend's SB3 not being able to connect to the network. that has since been solved through re-inputing the correct MAC address.

After that was done, I realized that his network was a bit weak out where his SB was located (down as low as 20% strength). Being the smart guy (smart-a**???) that I am, I showed him how he could choose to stream his FLAC files in MP3 if he wanted to make the streamed info less of a load and help with buffer overrun etc.

So I unchecked all of the file types and then only chose the few that he had in his collection (namely FLAC, a few MP3, and one or two WMA).

Well, starting to play these now, the music was chirping and popping, and short segments of the songs were repeating (like lines and riffs). This was also happening on streamed internet radio. Since the only change we made was the file types, I went back and changed them back as best as I could remember.

Now the streamed radio works again, but the local files do not play at all! What is more interesting, they show that they are playing (the progress bar is moving) and after the appropriate time, they will move to the next song, but no audio.

Meanwhile, SS is synced locally to SoftSqueeze which is playing the files flawlessly.

Any ideas how to fix this?


2007-01-01, 20:27
Anyone? This has me stumped...