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2007-01-01, 10:59

LOVE my new Squeezebox v.3 !!! --

I do get my favorite internet radio station through the Squeezenetwork --- but I am a premium member of Live365.com and can't get the music through Slim Server.

I did log in through Slim Server desktop software and after that my presets loaded and I could see them on my Squeezebox so I thought all was well. But, when I try to play the stations on the Squeezebox through the Slim Server software (not Squeezenetwork), the box shows 'connecting..' then stops.

I have not opened ports on my computer (Windows XP and McAfee Security Center) because the presets did load into the Squeezebox and everything else is working fine! ---

Is it possible that the Squeezebox could successfully obtain my presets and yet not the music due to the ports that need to be opened? Don't want to open them unless absolutely necessary! -- If the problem is not the ports, then what else could it be?

This is an AMAZING piece of equipment! So worth the money!!!

Thanks for your assistance!

2007-01-01, 15:04
I posted about the same exact thing the other day, and discovered that you may need 6.5.1 software download (what they call "the nightly"). I read that the absence of the Live 365 premium membership access was fixed in 6.5.1. So I downloaded it and installed it and restarted Slimserver and now my premium account seems to be working properly. It is easy to download the 6.5.1 update, there are instructions and a link in the wiki or FAQ I think, or just do a search of this and the Beginners forum and you will find the link.

2007-01-01, 17:38
thanks so much for your prompt reply and good advice...found another message about where the updates are located and selected the one that appeared to be for windows. voila! everthing is working perfectly! thanks again!