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2006-12-31, 22:03
My friend has an SB3 and running wirelessly to SS 6.5.1 12/31 daily on Win XP. All has been running flawlessly for the past 4 months.

The router is a Linksys WRT54G.

The problem he began having (quite suddenly) is that suddenly the SB3 lost connection with the server and could no longer connect to either it or Squeeze Network. We tried to troubleshoot a number of different ways including turning off wireless security, assigning an IP address, and even running wired all to no avail.

In DHCP mode, it will eventually timout and come back with "cannot find DHCP server".

In assigned IP address mode, it simply cannot connect.

I've run out of ideas of what to try next - can anyone help? (please - we need some good music to bring in our new year!!!) :)

2006-12-31, 22:41
To add to the above:

We tried a factory reset and soft reset as well.

Also updated to SS 6.5.1 today, so the firmware on the SB3 is back rev., but we cannot update it until we connect.

I brought my laptop over and it was immediately issued an IP address and connected to the Linksys, so the router appears to be fine.

2007-01-01, 04:31
What is it about New Year?
I had a very similar problem last night. Have you tried checking that the Squeezebox's Mac Address is what it says it should be (see label on base of device)? Mine kept changing last night due to a dodgy power supply, and even though I do not use Mac Address filtering on the router I could not get the device to even see my wireless router until I'd swapped out the power supply and changed the Mac Address back to the one listed on the base. In my case the device would not retain it's correct Mac Address until I'd got rid of the dodgy power supply.
To set your Mac address use the left button during set up until you can go left no more then go up (or down) to find Current Settings, then right and up a couple (or four) to find Mac Address. Right to edit it

I'd be interested to know if like mine, only the last 6 digits of the Mac Address were incorrect (if indeed, this is your problem). I'm not suggesting your problem is due to a dodgy power supply... just that mine seemed to be.


2007-01-01, 13:11
Hey MC, you are right on the money! We actually fixed it last night and finally figured it out by trying to connect to SqueezeNetwork. When trying to simply connect to the home network, we were not getting any information other than "cannot find DHCP server". I then tried to manually enter all the network info, and instead of trying to connect to the SS, tried to connect to SN.

*Then* the error about the MAC address was clearly shown on the SB3 screen. (Perhaps an idea for improvement or a bug that it did not divulge this when trying to connect to SS?)

I then checked the MAC address settings and it was completely wrong - all set to "F" (FF FF FF FF FF).

Not sure about the PS, as we did not change it out and have not experienced the problem again.


2007-01-06, 11:46
I had the exact problem and this fixed it instantly. I had been in contact with support and they didn't mention this. I wasted a month trying to disable firewalls, reinstall software etc.

2007-01-06, 12:03
Glad to be of service.