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2006-12-31, 10:36
Although I have a VIP membership of Live 365 when I try to log in on Slimserver I get 'no account information'.
Any good person know what's up here?


2006-12-31, 10:41
Sorry,answered the question myself.

Just a beginner I'm afraid.

Happy New Year to all,


2006-12-31, 13:08
Woobag, what is the answer you answered yourself? I have the exact same question but didn't come up with the answer!

2007-01-04, 19:13
I have the same intermittent issue. I can not always connect to any of the internet radio stations. I can however log into squeezenetwork and access all radio stations. I escalated this to slimdevices support and they have replicated the problem and passed it onto development team for a software fix. I am running Mac OSX. If you have a work around other than having to go to squeezenetwork all the time i would be most intereseted.

Ross L
2007-01-04, 19:36
Its a bug, you need to update to SlimServer 6.5.1:


2007-01-04, 20:21
many thanks for this information it was not passed onto me by the support officer I logged my call with. I will download today and look forward to the prob being resolved.


2007-01-05, 03:48
well I upgraded my slimserver to the latest version as you advised and guess what it dont work....

i still get the error of: There was an error loading the remote feed for Slim Devices Picks: (Failed to connect to http://www.slimdevices.com/picks/radio.opml (Couldn't resolve IP address for: www.slimdevices.com) )when i try to connect to live 365.com i still get the error No Live365 account information

i am running mac osx and the latest system updates. I get tired of faulty software and there is no excuse for it... When will i get a software update that works..???????????????????????

2007-01-05, 07:21
I fixed the same problem I was having with Live365 (on a PC running XP, though) by downloading the 6.5.1 update, then logging out and back in to Live 365, then logging in to Slimserver, which at that point picked up my VIP account info and let me play my presets from Internet Radio not Squeezenetwork. However, occasionally it all still breaks down and I have to go to Server Settings and re-enter my Live365 password and restart etc. to get it to work. I don't know if doing all this on OSX will help you but you can give it a try. One poster told me that it takes the Slim browser about 30 secs to refresh itself after changes are made so keep that in mind too.

Ross L
2007-01-05, 15:54
Kyle hold the left arrow on your remote for 5 seconds and scroll down to current settings and hit the right arrow, then scroll down to DNS server(s), does it look like a logical Internet IP address or is it all 0s? The issue might just be your player not having proper DNS information from your ISP. If this is the case, simply reboot your router and your Squeezebox, then enjoy.

If you need further help I'm here 'till 7pm PDT.

2007-01-06, 17:14
Hi Ross,
the IP address checked out fine and I rebooted my Mac and now the radio options seem to be working. So fingers crossed it was just a reboot or restart of server issue. Many thanks for you prompt support on this issue. Great.


2007-01-09, 17:09
Hey, thanks for the troubleshooting help, but I'm having the same trouble with Live365 on a Mac OS X, and rebooting the system and the router has not helped.

Slimserver seems to do everything right, even showing in the browser that it's playing the current song on the radio station, but nothing comes through.

On the screen of the Squeeze Box, it just says, "Connecting..." forever. Odd, too, that it never times out. I get the same using Softsqueeze. All of the DNS/server settings on the Squeezebox check out fine.

My last hope is to try upgrading the server from v. 6.5.0 to 6.5.1.

2007-01-09, 17:11
My last hope is to try upgrading the server from v. 6.5.0 to 6.5.1.

Do that. I had the same problem until I switched to 6.5.1.

2007-01-09, 19:09
Upgrading to 6.5.1 did the trick.

I don't know whether the solution is in the upgrade itself, or if the act of upgrading merely served to reset some aspect of the server, but either way it worked. Live365 plays fine for me.