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2006-12-30, 18:27
Happy New Year everyone.

I've run into a situation that hopefully someone has an easy fix for.

Months ago I ripped a bunch of old cassette tapes and then split the resulting file into separate songs. Originally I had them in WAV format. In WAV they played just fine on my SB3. To conserve hard drive space, I converted them to WMA files since the WMA file was about 10% the size of a WAV file. There are around 800 of these files.

Today I learned that I cannot get my new WMA files to play on SB. Unfortunately I deleted all of the old WAV files from my hard drive.

I do have 1000's of other WMA files that were ripped from "real" CDs and those files play fine.

Any ideas how I can work around this?

I'm working with Slimservier 6.5.1 on a Windows XP system.


Brian Ritchie
2006-12-30, 19:05
My first guess was that you might be missing the WMA codec, but then no WMA files would work, so that's not it.

I wonder whether there might be something wrong with the tags, so that they're just not showing up in the interface?

Can SlimServer find them and play them if you use Browse Music Folder to navigate to them?

Can you play the "ex-WAV" WMAs in Windows Media Player?

(Gulp) I hope you didn't convert them to DRM'd WMA files: SS won't play those, and I've no idea how you'd un-DRM them, even though you made them!

I still have about 1/2 my collection as WMA files, but I really wish I hadn't; though SS can play them, there are things that don't work well (most notable of which for me is ReplayGain). If disk space is an issue, I'd consider mp3 a better choice than WMA. Me, I'm slooowly replacing WMA with FLAC re-rips wherever I can.

-- Brian

2006-12-31, 05:59
Thanks for the ideas Brian. Here are the answers to your questions:

1) My guess is that tagging is the issue, I'm hoping that there is a way to change a number of files at once.

2) I can find them when I go to Browse Music Folder, but they won't play on SB.

3) I can play the "ex-WAV" WMAs in Windows Media Player just fine.

4) According to the properties for each file they are "not protected".

5) Also, as a side note. Before I posted here, I did try to convert a group of these files to MP3 to see if they would play on SB and that didn't work either.

I guess all of these leads back to tagging which I'll have to work on slowly.


2006-12-31, 12:21
2) I can find them when I go to Browse Music Folder, but they won't play on SB.


I guess all of these leads back to tagging which I'll have to work on slowly.

That one doesnt point to tagging: Browse Music Folder ignores tags (which is why you can navigate there when the tags don't get parsed).

For some reason Slimserver can't play them... how are these files stored? Is there a permissions issue? (I make no pretense of understanding how Windows does permissions, it always seems they superglued a multiuser permission system with access rights over a single user OS that lets you do whatever you want... but sometims things like "services" can't read regular files if they get ownership changed...)

A permissions issue on Windows would lead to a situation where you could see the filenames, but not actually open the files. (And, again, remember that on most Windows installs Slimserver runs as a service, not as a regular user, so being able to play them with WMP will tell you whether the file is corrupt or not, but not the permissions.)

I'll leave the "how to tell if Windows thinks you don't have permissions to a file" to someone who understands Windows, or maybe you get it and this note will let you check.

2007-01-02, 04:30
Thanks for everyone's help with this. I think I solved the problem by re-converting my WMA files to WMA, but with variable bitrate audio. For some reason this lets the files play fine on my Squeezebox.