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2006-12-29, 05:27
I am new to Squeeze box and I am wondering if everyone uses the same settings.

Should I let itunes catalog my Library? Right now I let Windows Media Player round out my song info.

But when i search for Artist1 I may only find a few songs even though I have 40 tracks by artist1. Is this because the library dosent have artist1 in the song titles?

Anyway its a little frustrating but I may just need to set up my library differently.

Please give me your 2

2006-12-29, 05:35
Hi, welcome to the forums and the Squeezebox :)

Check out the wiki for tagging:

and download MP3Tag to sort everything out.

It will all need a fair bit of tidying up, especially if you have used various software for ripping and not changed the CDDB lookup tags, but it's nice when it's finally sorted. Post back with specific problems. iTunes and WMP are best avoided, IMO.



2006-12-29, 07:43
I "standardized" on iTunes although I don't have an iPod (my wife does, however, which was an influencing factor). The two main drawbacks are that it doesn't support FLAC, which in a perfect world I would prefer, and that its tagging capabilities are more limited than other tools. I have found, however, that Apple Lossless is a reasonable alternative to FLAC and that iTunes' tagging capabilities are acceptable. iTunes offers a single interface to my my music (for both tagging and playback on my PC) and by letting iTunes manage my folders I don't have to futz around as I used to when I had to do this manually. I also happen to like the UI, which is fast and relatively unadorned. These are the things that I value most about it. iTunes support is also fairly well integrated into the Slimserver software even to the point of reading its proprietary xml library file, consequently, I've never had any major issues getting them to play nice together. When I get a new CD, I just pop it in the drive, iTunes automatically rips/tags it; I make any necessary tweaks to the tags, then use SS to sync. Done. iTunes isn't a perfect solution (none are), but by accepting a few compromises it saves me time and effort. So don't discount it entirely when evaluating your choices.