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Neil Cameron
2006-12-29, 05:17
iTunes 7 will now automatically download artwork, and puts it in some
impenetrable cryptic format and folder structure - so I have to also save
another copy so Slimserver can find it. Is it possible to enhance
Slimserver to utilise iTunes' artwork?

Neil Cameron

2006-12-30, 12:16
Why don't you just imbed the artwork into your tracks? That way it's portable, perdiod.

Also, there's nothing extremely cryptic about the way iTunes is storing its album art. It keeps it all as plain image file in a folder. Sure, the filenames don't make much sense to the naken eye, but it wouldn't take more than an afternoon or two to figure out the relationship of those files to their parent tracks for anyone truly interested.

This topic has come up many (many) times. There another thread posted within a day of this one with the exact same subject ion this very forum.

The solution has been posted, but you probaby can't find it due to the inability of Search in this BBS software to find anything.

Original concet for imbedding iTunes downloaded artwork:


AppleScript to do exactly the same thing to the currently selected tracks (ispired by above):


2006-12-30, 12:42
cover scout from equinux.com will embed with one click

2006-12-30, 15:10
You've never actually looked at the iTunes downloaded artwork files then? They're not plain image files for a start, although that is the easiest problem to solve.

I don't want to keep an identical copy of the same piece of artwork embedded in every track of an album, so SlimServer not supporting the iTunes artwork is a shame.