View Full Version : SlimServer DOES NOT recognize aliases

2006-12-28, 21:17
just found this out thru trial and error.
My new playlists were not playing though Itunes played them perfectly.
In Itunes preferences general, MAKE SURE THAT 'Let Itunes keep your music folder organized' IS NOT CHECKED!

Also, don't use regular aliases (in OSX) to organize your music/playlists.

Itunes will play them, and slimserver will show the playlist and songs identical to itunes, BUT IT WON"T PLAY THEM!

There needs to be a 1 to 1 correspondence bewteen your actual music files and those that are visible in slimserver's playlist.

Perhaps a suggestion for future slimserver versions...mimic more closely the behavior of itunes with regard to links and aliases.

Eric Seaberg
2006-12-29, 09:57
This does work for me!! I have my library on an external 500GB drive and place its alias in the iTunes Music floder. iTunes and SlimServer both see it whether I have SlimServer use iTunes or not.

What else are you doing that makes it NOT work?

2006-12-29, 19:18
in regard to aliases (not symlinks) under osx: