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2006-12-28, 05:59
I have a Wired Only SB3. My routers Ethernet ports have died, but the wirless still works. I am waiting for the manufacturer to contact me about a replacement.

In the meantime I can't use my SB3, or can I. I have a dektop PC running SlimServer. This is connected to the router using 802.11g. I also have a laptop which is connected to the router using 802.11g.

The laptop has an Ethernet port that is unused. Could I connect the laptops Ethernet port to the Ethernet port of the SB3 (using a crossover cable) so that the laptop was acting as a bridge for the SB3? I know a little about networking, but not a lot.

My router has the address and has a DHCP server which allocates the rest of the devices their IP addresses from

I guess that I would need to give the Ethernet card on the laptop an address outwith 192.168.xxx.xxx, or would I. I would then need to give the SB3 an address that was on the same network as the laptop Ethernet. Also I would need to point the SB3 at the gateway which would be the IP address of the Laptop Ethernet card. I did have a quick fiddle but didn't get anywhere. This is only a short term solution, but I don't want to be without my SB3 for any length of time.

Could somebody please advise on what I need to do to get this working? I am having people round tomorrow night and don't want to be without music.

Thanks in advance,

2006-12-28, 10:06

how about running a slimserver on the laptop and connecting it to SB via x-over? Then, point laptop to use music library on the desktop.

2006-12-28, 10:57
Yes, you can use the laptop to connect two networks. As you guess, you will need a crossover to connect the SB to the laptop. In Windows you can then "Bridge Networks" to connect the two together, just look in Control Panel/Networks and right click a network... or search Microsoft's help site, there is a page on this somewhere...


2006-12-29, 00:30
Thatnks for the info. I gave it a try but when I bridged the networks, the wirless connection showed not connected. The only way to re-establish the connection was to delete the bridge. When I looked at the properties of the bridge, it was set to obtain an IP address automatically. when I did ipconfig from a DOS prompt, it was something outwith the range that the router uses.

I did try and manually assign an IP address, but that still didn't work.

2006-12-29, 01:13
I've tried this with Windows XP before (for use at a work customer's site in an emergency) and I never got it to work.

My thoughts were along the lines of the wireless support in XP being a late addition to the OS at a higher level and a bit of a kludge. I've no evidence for that, though - it's just a hunch and one of those things I've never looked in to why.

Bet it works on Linux or Vista!