View Full Version : After resuming from pause right channel is missing

2006-12-28, 04:49
does anyone else experience this? I have to disconnect the power before I get stereo sound again. Amp is fine and works with other components without problems. Have tried different cables and ports on amp. Same result.

SB 3, Slimserver 6.5.0 running on W2K3, wired network.

Doesn't seem to be a HW problem since it works after resetting. Could it be an unintended "feature"? Was running the Inguz plugin, but have disabled it.

Anyone have any ideas?


2006-12-28, 05:09
Completely deinstall the Inguz plugin (stop server, move Inguz folder from slimserver/Plugins to a directory outside slimserver, start server). I've seen strange side effects when plugins were only disabled.


2006-12-31, 04:11
Slimpy! I prostrate myself in front of your superior knowledge. Did as you suggested. Seems to be working. I can now pause and turn off my SB and still retain stereo when I resume/turn it on.

Thanks a bunch,

Happy new year!