View Full Version : Customer support experience :)

2006-12-27, 14:20
just a quick note on a swell customer support experience! :)

Back in march a friend of mine bought a two-pack-for-$100-off offer and gave one to me. Just the other day mine would no longer power on (even the telltale glow on the display wasn't there). After swapping around I determined that the wallwart was to blame.

So on December 18th I send off an email to support to inquire about the warranty process, attaching the original purchase receipt email. Not two hours later the reply is 'where do you want the new power brick shipped to?'
I give them my address, marvelling at how simple and fast the service is.

Today (Dec 27th) UPS dropped by with a box. :) It was even the correct plug for Denmark.

Thanks guys!