View Full Version : WFAN streaming URL for internet radio tuners

2006-12-27, 12:28
What is the latest streaming URL for WFAN that will work in the SqueezeNetwork/squeezebox? CBS radio will not release this due to it being privileged information. Right now WFAN is embedded in a Flash Player that will not run in the SB. I use the SB at work to bypass a firewall, I cannot receive WFAN and its Flash Player at work because of this firewall. Any suggestions? Is there some sort of "Flash Player URL" that will run in the SB? I am having the same problem with 1010WINS. Your help would be appreciated.

2006-12-27, 18:12
This thread suggests there is a way, but it involves using Proxomitron (presumably every time you connect ?):


Given it's an Icecast Stream, this should work with the SB.