View Full Version : iTunes and Slimserver, question about multiple libraries

2006-12-27, 11:44
Hi! Iíve recently purchased a Squeezebox and Iím using it with iTunes, to which Iíve converted all my CDs to Apple Lossless files. However, I would like to keep two separate libraries Ė one for lossless music (to Squeezebox) and one with lossy files for my iPod.

How can I achieve this? I can easily have two libraries with iTunes (i.e two different XML-files pointing to different files) and switch between these since this function is built in iTunes. The problem is that the Slimserver finds all the music, resulting in a lot of double songs Ö

What would happen if I set up another user on my computer (Iím running Win XP) and have all the lossy files with the other user. Would Slimserver find this music as well, if I run it from my main user?

Any help would be appreciated.


Ross L
2006-12-28, 17:05
You could simply just keep these files in seperate directories, and point SlimServer to only the lossless directory. Does that make sense?


SlimServer music directory: