View Full Version : Locked QNAP Music Files

2006-12-27, 05:54
Hi there

I'm slowly creating my music files and I'm now using Mp3Tag to sort the files and genres (an awesome tool - highly recommended shareware). However in so doing, I have found a few files locked such that I cannot edit the genres.

Of the 1945 music files now created, there are so far just three files locked and whilst I have an internet connection, my QNAP password is alphanumeric and I have tried changing the genres at different times so I don't think there is anyone externally accessing the files.

I have tried re-booting the QNAP (TS-101 from Progressive - Paul if you're out there) but to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can unlock the files and also check for logged-in users?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.