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2006-12-26, 23:53
I have a wired Squeezbox and am unable to get the Squeezbox to connect to my network. Here is my configuration:

Cable Modem --> Vonage VoIP adapter (Lynsys RT31P2) --> D-Link 713P wireless router

I have a laptop connected wirelessly through the D-Link router and this laptop is running Slimserver

I have a wire connection from the Squeezbox to the D-Link router

I have seen some previous posts which say I need to disable DHCP on the VoIP adapter and enable it on the wireless router. I am not sure how to do this. Also, I want to make sure I do not disable a feature on the VoIP adapter which prioritizes the voice IP traffic ahead of other IP traffic.

Any help much appreciated! Thanks.

Secret Squirrel
2006-12-27, 08:55
I have Vonage but no wireless set up. My configuration looks like this Cable Modem >> Router/Switch >> Uplink to Vonage. It worked first time.


2006-12-28, 09:01
The problem likely has little to do with the Vonage adapter, unless in fact it is handing out a DHCP address to the Squeezebox.

Traffic between your Laptop and Squeezebox won't pass through the Vonage adapter at all, it's far more likely that you have a firewall set up on either your router or your laptop which is interfering with the communication between the Squeezebox and the Laptop. Information about what ports need to be opened on the firewall for Squeezebox and Slimserver to communicate is well documented in the support section of the Slim Devices website.

When you say things are not working, what is not working? Does the Squeezebox completely boot up, get an IP address, AND SAY that it is connected to the Slimserver (running on your laptop)? If you are not getting this far then you need to investigate what is happening when the Squeezebox attempts to get an IP address and contact the Slim Server.

If you aren't sure where your Squeezebox is getting its IP address from then you need to get into the web interface of each of your routers and see how DHCP is set up on them. You can also check the status to see which of them has handed out an IP address to the Squeezebox. The router will either identify the Squeezebox with an understandable name, or it will provide the MAC address (machine address) of the Squeezebox. The Squeezebox will either have the MAC address printed on a sticker on the bottom of the device, or you can confirm the MAC by disconnecting the device and seeing which MAC address disappears from the router's DHCP table.

Please provide as much information as possible about the problem so we can help you resolve the issue.

2006-12-28, 17:12
Ok, recognizing that I am not a techie, here goes...

I temporarily disconnected the voip adapter and just used my wireless router and everything worked -- Squeezbox was assigned an IP from the DHCP and connected to slimmserver on my laptop. When I disconnected the wireless router and just used the voip adapter, everything also worked.

When I connect the VoIP adapter --> wireless router --> laptop + squeezbox, my laptop associates to the router, is assigned an IP and connects fine to the internet, but the squeezebox is unable to get an IP address. The error message displayed on the squeezbox is that the network is temporarily unavailable OR it says it cannot get an IP from the DHCP.

I have tried to manually assign an IP but am not sure about all the settings. Does it make sense to disable DHCP on the voip adapter? If so, what settings (IP, gateway, DNS, etc) would I specify for the wireless router, squeezbox and laptop?

Any chance this problem becomes easier if I buy a wireless version of the squeezbox? Many thanks.

2006-12-29, 13:08
OK, so this is a wired version of the Squeezebox you are using? And it's connected to the same router as the laptop (which is also using a wired connection)?

These are important questions to answer. If you are using DHCP on both routers then it is likely that they are on different IP subnets, which means that the Squeezebox wouldn't be getting an address from the VoIP router at all but should only be able to attempt to get a device from the locally connected router.

Can you access the configuration web pages on both the VoIP router and your regular router and provide the DHCP configuration information here? That should answer the question of whether it is possible that both devices are attemping to handle DHCP for your entire network.

As far as configuring the Squeezebox statically, it's not difficult. You simply need to give it an IP address on the same IP subnet as the laptop. If you go into a DOS window on your laptop (type cmd at the command line) and type in ipconfig you will see the ip address of your laptop.

For example, the laptop might have the address which means that the laptop is probably on the 192.168.0.x subnet with the router being, you could assign the squeezebox any unused ip address in 192.168.0.x, for example, you could use (which should be well outside the address range being handed out by DHCP) and set the subnet mask to, then just set the router address to

2007-01-04, 07:55
Ok, I returned the wired version and bought the wireless. Setup took less than 10mins including setting up WEP and it works great. Thanks for all the help with the wired version...not sure what the issue was but I'm a happy user now!