View Full Version : SB3 losing connection to server

2006-12-26, 07:28
I recently switched computers running SlimServer and since then have had weird behavior.

Overnight my Squeezebox loses the connection to the server and can not automatically reconnect. However, if I re-run the networking setup; without changing any data (SSID, WPA password, server, etc...) it reconnects.

The SB3 is running FW 64
My router is a Belkin Pre-N; server and SB IP addresses are via DHCP; encryption is via WPA2
The SlimServer is running version 6.5
The laptop is firewalled (Proventia); and I have verified that both TCP and UDP ports 3483 and 9000 are open.

Anyone else see this behavior and fix it?

2006-12-26, 07:45
I can only speculate - your new PC for whatever reason loses net access for long enough that the SB doesn't retry (I don't know if it works that way, but I guess there must be some kind of timeout). Maybe it goes into standby or hibernate.

Do you really have to redo networking setup, or does it also work when you just manually tell it to connect to your server?

2006-12-26, 08:23
I've seen this behavior forever - up to and including the latest 6.5.1.

I suspect its related to my wireless network and low signal strength. But I also suspect something in the recovery for lost messages and/or full queues is not as robust as it could be.

The most usual state is that the SB3 is dark and pressing power on causes it to quickly cycle through waking slimserver and then go back to being dark. The SB3 can be pinged, by the way. The server doesn't know it it exists.

Usually, holding the power button down to force a soft reset gets things going again.

2006-12-26, 21:33
There's a few strange things about what is going on:
1. I am using the same router and same placement as before (SB3 shows signal strength in the mid 60s)
2. I don't reset the SB3, just run through the network connect sequence with right arrows; no retyping. Trying to reconnect back to the server (one right arrow) without running the sequence fails.