View Full Version : Placing on a hot amplifier

2006-12-26, 04:06

My shiny new squeezebox is up and running without a single hitch but I have a concern...

I currently have it sitting on top of my amp/receiver which has some air vents on top. The main SBŁ unit sits in front of these grills but the back 'bar' is on top of a grill which is very hot to the touch. I don't think there are any concerns over blocking airflow from the amp/receiver as there are plenty more vents all round (and not much is covered) but will the Squeezebox have any problems? Will the black covering of the bar deteriorate? The supplied RCA phono plugs are above the hot bit - are they in danger?

I would put the SB3 on top of the entire HiFi unit but the power lead is a bit too short for it to be safe.

Any ideas?



2006-12-26, 12:24
The danger is twofold because not only is the squeezebox getting overly warm, I assume it's also blocking airspace that would normally help vent the receiver, even if it's not directly over the vent holes (E.g. if there are shelves/wall on all sides but the front). The cooler the electronics stay the more reliable they will be in the long run, so I would err on the side of safety.

I'd get a cheap extension cord and plug the wall wart into that, so it can sit atop the entertainment center.