View Full Version : New Squeezebox...oddities about it

2006-12-25, 16:45
I bought my parents a new wireless SB3 from Slim Devices and set it up today. The first thing that struck me as odd was that it complained that the ethernet was disabled. Strange. I pressed the left arrow and setup networking and selected wireless setup. It asked me if I wanted to connect to "facorytest". WTF? I scrolled down and found my parent's SSID and all was good. I forget where, maybe in selecting the computer with SlimServer it asked me if I wanted to connect to "testmachine2".

The two SB3s I bought last spring didn't have any of that going on. Was this a refurb? It's probably a good thing an experienced SB3 user got it because I had no problems getting it setup, but a non-geek user might have trouble figuring it out.

Mark Miksis
2006-12-25, 16:59
I've never used a wireless SB, but...

Aren't these choices just the SSID's of the various wireless networks it found?

2006-12-26, 02:28
It sounds like your Squeezebox was not correctly reset after the factory test. You should do a factory reset (press and hold add while the Squeezebox is booting). This is an automated process, so I'm not sure why the reset did not happen on your unit.