View Full Version : Slimserver plays wrong file

2006-12-24, 12:05
I have a disc or two where slimserver consistently plays the wrong file. I tell it to play track 1 (or track 2), and it plays track 3 for instance. On the display however it will say track 1 (or 2). It's an Apple lossless rip (not done by me). All the tags appear fine, and the correct files play in other players such as winamp or media player. I've reimported the files, but still no luck. Any ideas?


2006-12-28, 22:08
Bump in hopes someone's had the same issue

2006-12-28, 22:20
Bump in hopes someone's had the same issue

Haven't seen this issue but what OS and version of the server are you running? Preliminarily, you might try the latest build just to see if that's fixed the issue.

Patrick Dixon
2006-12-29, 02:42
You may like to look at bug 4019 and contribute if you think it might be related. It's been open for a while but no one seems to be that bothered about it:- http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4019

I suspect that for some reason slimserver can't play the track you ask for, you have 'play all tracks in album' set, and so it just plays the first one it can open, without updating what it thinks it's current playing.