View Full Version : Odd Bug - Missing Artist on display?

2006-12-23, 06:10
Hi all,

Been using my SB3 for a while now and love it, however I just noticed a bug. I have everything properly tagged, all the files being FLAC.

For some reason on a particular album it's not displaying the Artist on either the Squeezebox or Slimserver (6.5.0)???

I've posted a screen shot and you can clearly see on the left everything that's required is there yet on the tracklisting on the right it's not displaying the artist (Miles Davies) yet the 2 top tracks clearly show 'Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' on a previous album.

Screen Shot (http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b157/probedb/slimserver.gif)

Any ideas?



2006-12-23, 07:12
Have a good look at the tags using something like mp3tag to see if you can spot any anomalies.

Updating to a 6.5.1 nightly won't hurt, and is a prerequisite if you think this is a bug you want someone to look into...



2006-12-23, 08:30
I figured it out...turned on debugging and it appears something screwed up adding tracks to the database as well as the last.fm plugin not being able to find the server and it all fell over from there!!

As for the tracks listing...just realised they cut them off after a certain length on the SB itself :)