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2006-12-23, 02:41
newbie here, so please be gentle :-)

Title says it all really.
I have a 106e (slimserver 6.3.1) with about 500 albums encoded in FLAC playing to an 'all black' wireless squeezebox.
When playing back albums (like pink floyd) that require gapless transitions only the first transition is gapless. If I start half way through an album then the first transition of the plkayback is gapless (so if I start on track 3, track 3->4 is gapless 4->5 has 3 second pause, 5-> pause etc).
This is also noticeable on other albums, first gap is tiny subsequent gaps are about 3 seconds.
I do not have the web browser connected since this puts a significant load on the 106e during track changes.

I have turned on the buffer display on the squerezebox and notice that the buffer runs empty between tracks yet fills within 3-5 seconds of the start of a track - so the data rate over wireless is no problem.
I would have thought that the next track would be sent before the end of the last to eliminate any critical timing issues - this doesn't appear to happen. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere ?

All thoughts and ideas welcome, I love the unit but not sure if I can live with big pauses where there shouldn't be


2006-12-27, 17:44
I don't know if this is any help, but I also have some problems with gaps between tracks.

If I have just one Squeezebox running then I get perfect gapless transition between tracks.

If I have both of my 2 Squeezeboxes running (they are synchronised) then I get gaps between tracks.

If I have both Squeezeboxes running, and I'm using Random Song selection, then I have even bigger problems. In that case there is a pause actually during the first few seconds of each track, and then the 2 Squeezeboxes often loose synchronsation.

I'm using a QNap TS-101 as my server so I suspect that in my case it might be an issue of lack of processing power when running 2 Squeezeboxes at once, perhaps made worse when using random selection.

Richard Evans.

2006-12-27, 18:04
My server is more powerful than that but still has gaps if running 2 players synchronised so I don't think it's down to processing power. Unsychronised I can run all my players seperately and gapless playback is perfect as long as the rips are gapless.


2006-12-28, 02:12
Synchronized players never play back gapless no mattter what.
The track boundaries are used to resync the players thus making a short gap inevitable.
Pauses during the first few seconds however are not normal. When using random play the drop-outs could occur when slimserver removes an old song and adds a new one to the playlist. This together with synchronized streaming could be just to much for the QNAP.
I have no idea what could cause saneangel's problem. You could install slimserver on your pc to see if this behaves any different. If the pc is connected to the same switch/router as the 106e you could at least rule out network problems.