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2006-12-22, 20:47
I just hooked up my new Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ and Squeezebox yesterday, and it can play flac, ape, and mp3 files without any problem(although its remote response and forward is very slow). However, the Squeezeboxes keep flashing an error message: "Error: Missing Firmware. Server can't connect to Internet to obtain firmware update."

Nevertheless, this problem cannot be reproduced on PC which is running the same SS-6.5.1, because I can connect to it and did the firmware upgrade, and is now on version 69. But when you connect back to ReadyNAS, the message persists.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

* I see no reason why the ReadyNAS should be unable to connect to the internet, as it is set up like the rest of my computers, and is working fine on the internal network. Plus, it is able to send me alert emails when I upgrade the firmware, etc. So, I'm not sure if the error message is truly indicative of the problem.

* Seeing as the Infrant and my PC both are running the same version of SlimServer, it seems odd that the Infrant SlimServer is attempting to upgrade the Squeezeboxes firmware. (It's my understanding that Server and Firmware versions are tied together when SlimDevices does a version release.)

* Is there any way to access the SlimServer filesystem on the ReadyNAS to see which firmware versions it holds locally, if any? Going to \\<nas>\slimserver I am able to see a few files, but nothing that looks like firmware. I'm not sure if there are any other hidden directories that I can check.

Infrant Firmware: RAIDiator™ v3.01c1-p6 [1.00a034]
Infrant SlimServer Version: 6.5.1

2006-12-24, 19:28
Don't know whether Infrant or Slimdevice did something to fix this issue on their server end, because early this morning my SB3 amazingly asked me to upgrade firmware by pressing Brightness key. The upgrade went through seamlessly and no more error message.