View Full Version : OT: Laser mouse?

2006-12-21, 22:01
What are the advantages of a wireless laser mouse as opposed to a regular optical mouse? I'm looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse. Are the laser products worth the extra money?

2006-12-22, 10:19
Let's keep it on-topic... although we're now a division of Logitech, we'd like for these forums to remain a separate place. Our group doesn't deal with keyboard and mice products at all.

Of course, discussion of Logitech speakers and remotes as they relate to Squeezebox would be perfectly on-topic. Thanks!

2006-12-22, 19:21
Sorry, Sean. I didn't post because of the Logitech connection but because there are so many computer-savvy folks here that know a lot more than I. Point taken.