View Full Version : squeezebox with smartdisk soho nas

2006-12-20, 09:22
is it possible to run my smartdisk soho nas drive on my squeeze box so i dont have to have my pc

2006-12-20, 20:17
I hate to answer a question with a question, but...can you install software on the smartdisk? Most NAS devices are closed systems and the manufacturer doesn't want you installing software, and makes it difficult or impossible to do so. From the little bit of info I've seen, it appears that the smartdisk is such a system, although I could be wrong. If you can install software on it, there's also the question about whether it has enough RAM and a fast enough processor to run slimserver, although you don't need much.

Some NASs can be hacked (e.g., Buffalo LinkStation, Linksys 'slug') to give the user telnet or ssh access to install software. Other vendors support slimserver directly (e.g., Infrant, QNAP).

2006-12-21, 17:06
if at all possible i can send this back would i be able to do it of this one Buffalo HS-D300GL-1 LinkStation Home Server 300GB

2006-12-22, 09:13
The best place to go for this info is www.linkstationwiki.net. It's a good site, and a very helpful forum (although not as good as this one, of course ;)

In brief, the LinkStations are closed systems, so getting slimserver onto them requires reflashing the firmware, which will then get you access for installing programs. The good news is that it's a fairly well-known and well-documented process. The bad news is that it is completely unsupported by Buffalo, and probably voids the warranty. It also helps to have some familiarity with linux command line operations, but even if you don't you can get through it if you can follow instructions carefully.

Take a look at http://www.linkstationwiki.net/index.php?title=Getting_OpenLink_working_on_a_LS-HS If that looks like something you want to get into, go for it. If it looks more complicated than you're up for, I'd suggest QNAP, Infrant, or Synology. I've been really happy with my LinkStation HD-HG250LAN.

Good luck.