View Full Version : browseupnp entry on browse menu

2006-12-19, 17:38
I am running 6.5.1 (nightly Dec 16). There is a PC on my home network that has access to my slimserver and the pcname: username: appears as the last entry on the browse menu as
'PCNAME: Userid:'

The html behind it is..
'http://musicserver:9000/browseupnp.html?device=uuid:d1ee2a19-382e-4c2b-bf8c-0970e5b406fa&hierarchy=0&title=PCNAME: Userid:&player=f9:18:4a:36:0e:8e '

Does anyone know why this is being included?

Mark Lanctot
2006-12-19, 18:11
That PC must be running a uPnP server?

2006-12-20, 08:11
Yes it is.. I find out that this is the MS recommended way to share media content to an XBox from a pc. So next qn.. is it possible to exclude this from the menu? We tried removing it from the list of clients, or blocking it, but the menu item remains. Is it possible to prevent SlimServer picking up other media servers.. or to exclude some?

2006-12-20, 08:45
uPNP by it's nature is supposed to look on the subnet for suitable services to connect to and Automagically set themselves up to talk to each other.

It's supposed to set things up for users who are clueless about networking etc.

If you aren't running Rhapsody, disable the Real Rhapsody plugin and the menu item will disappear as you have switched off the Slim uPNP functionality.