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2006-12-19, 06:03
Correcting my typo - these are 8" 2 way bi-amped monitors.

The B2030A are the 6" 2 way variants, a little less power, a little
less money.

There is a matching subwoofer, the B2092A. This is a dual ported
bandpass enclosure with dual 8" drivers and 360w built-in amp. The sub
has all the connections to service a pair of monitors. All connections
are balanced XLR.

The really silly part is that the subs are physically very large, about
the size of a tall end table in ominous black finish. Since they're
intended for small studio use fitting in to the home theatre or living
room is not a consideration. They're also cheap-ish, occasionally
available for less than $200 each.

My current listening setup is SB3 into a small Soundcraft mixer (level
control and balanced outputs) then a pair of B2092As and B2031As. Total
cost <$1000. Total wattage = 1260.

Lotsa headroom!


On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 23:11:31 -0800, azinck3 wrote:

>Michael Graves;163270 Wrote:
>> OK, I'll add my 2 cents. Since you're a college student I'll make the
>> supposition that you will occasionally need it LOUD as well as clean.
>> I
>> heartily recommend the Behringer B2031a powered studio monitors. See
>> http://www.behringer.com/B2031A/index.cfm?lang=ENG for details.
>> These are active powered monitors in an 8" way bi-amped config with a
>> total of 225w/c available. You'll need an adapter cable to go from the
>> RCA output of the SB3 to the 1/4" TRS or XLR inputs of the speakers.
>> These can be bought for $25 or made from a few connectors for less.
>> The speakers themselves list for $399/pr but can be found at various
>> places online for around $270/pr. I bought mine on Ebay for $190,
>> brand
>> new.
>> You'll be hard pressed to find a better price/performance combination.
>I second this recommendation. These are a real value: they truly sound
>great and will go VERY loud.
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