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2006-12-18, 17:55
Hi all:

So, I installed everything on my laptop several weeks ago and have been thrilled. My music is on an external HD. I just bought a new cheap desktop and connected the external HD. I installed the slimserve software from the website on the desktop. The desktop is connected to the same network as the laptop (cable modem, wireless router). The squeezebox doesn't recognize the desktop, even though it is connected, has iTunes installed, and the external HD is connected.

I'm sure this is basic, but I can't find the physical manual (frankly, I don't recall if there was a physical manual). How do I reset the squeezebox to recognize the new desktop? I assume I need to input a new IP address? How do I do that, and/or what else do I need to do? Thanks for any advice.

2006-12-18, 18:02
From the printed manual:

"Plug the power connector into Squeezebox while holding down the ADD button on the remote until you see the Set Up Networking prompt."

Mark Lanctot
2006-12-18, 21:46
You can also power-cycle the Squeezebox, then press up or down at the prompt.

And another way: when the Squeezebox is on, you can press and hold left for 5 seconds to get back to setup.