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2006-12-18, 08:36
As a complete newcomer to this device I'm looking for some advice before I purchase my own squeezebox.
I want to use this primarily with an external harddrive containing my media files connected to a wireless router. My laptop will regularly be home but I don't want to use this as the music server as this will mean turning it on all the time.
Is this possible and if so which would be a good harddrive to go for? I noticed the Buffalo linkstation is discussed is this forum but I'm also interested in Western Digital or Maxtor.
Any help would be appreciated.

2006-12-18, 14:37
I've been using a Buffalo LinkStation running slimserver for almost a year now, and it does a good job. It is a little underpowered (128MB RAM, 266MHz PowerPC processor), so the web interface to slimserver is pretty slow. Getting root access and installing slimserver required leaping a few hurdles, especially to install SS 6.5, but it wasn't too bad for someone who can follow instructions and has a basic familiarity with the linux command line.

Depending on your budget and technical competence, there are various options. Most NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices are closed systems, and the manufacturers deliberately make it difficult for the user to install software. So I'd recommend sticking with a NAS that has slimserver support, because there are more options now than there were a year ago. Check the forums for Infrant, Synology, and Qnap (and I'm probably forgetting some). From my perspective the upper-end Synology drives look appealing, although you pay for the faster performance. Take a look at the Slim Devices wiki, too:

As for the Western Digital and Maxtor, I'm not familiar with the WD NAS devices, but I've not heard of anyone getting to the point of installing software on one. There is a group that has hacked into the OS of the Maxtor Shared Storage, but last time I looked (~3 months ago) they still didn't have a version of perl compiled for that system, and you absolutely need perl to run slimserver. Google "maxtor shared storage perl slimserver" and you'll probably find the site pretty quickly.

Good luck.