View Full Version : Problems with Tina Turner :-/

2006-12-17, 13:52
My Slimserver (6.3.1) insists on listing albums by Tina Turner under both "Tina" and "Tina Turner". Why? How can I stop it doing that?

Another question:I ripped an album and the information couldn't be found for it. Since then I've used Windows Media Player to correct the album title but Slimserver still calls it "Unknown 13-12-2006". Where is it getting that from?

2006-12-17, 15:01
Have a good look at all the tags using a proper tagger like mp3tag. There's almost certainly something odd in there....


Derek Power
2006-12-18, 04:59
You should try the following:
Stop the slimserver, delete the slimerver DB, restart the slimserver again and then make a rescan of the complete mp3 folder and check if the problem still exist...

...a very good tagging tool which I use is 'helium 2006'.

Regards, Nils