View Full Version : Anyone Have Sugababes: Three? (Tau Analyzer Q)

2006-12-17, 10:17
I have ran this CD of my wifes through Tau Analyzer and it says MPEG and it seams to have a frequency cut off that suggests MPEG source but it looks like a genuine CD and I know the shop she bought it from. Is it a False Positive or has she been sold a quality fake?


2006-12-17, 15:10
if you don't get any other responses i can see if i can get my brothers copy and give it a whirl. Never used Tau Analyzer though.... actually never heard of it before now :)

2006-12-18, 00:16
What you're probably detecting is the compression/pitch correct and other effects applied to these pop bands to make their CD's sound "punchy" and to correct for the performers non-perfect vocal skills.