View Full Version : Slimp3 and Netgear ME101

2006-12-17, 07:53
I have one of my Slimp3s attached via a Netgear ME101 (to get past a very wide
wall in my house. I'd had some problems recently with signal dropout so
reloaded the firmware on the Slimp3 and it seemed to have sorted out everything
until yesterday when I replaced two short CAT5 cables with one long one.

Now the ME101 and Slimp3 cant see each other (no green light on for the LAN
connection on the ME101 and Slimp3 cant find network.
I've now tried two Slimp3s with the same result, I've tried three different
cables. I've repeated the tests directly to my wireless router and both slimp3s
work fine there. Now the puzzling bit, I connected a laptop to the ME101 and
the LAN light comes on and I can see the ME101 from browser on my laptop.

Any suggestions where to go, because all I can come up with is that the two have
just developed a compatibility problem they didnt have before.