View Full Version : Player only plays for 5 seconds under Red Hat 8.0 Linux :(

2003-12-19, 07:53
He statically coded the player's MAC address into your server's arp cache
table. You might have to do this again the next time your server is
rebooted depending on what it was that caused the problem the first

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KEVIN YOU FIXED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
I'm completely thrilled. Thanks so much!!!!
OK, so what did the command do? (please excuse my newbieness)

Thanks again.

Kevin Walsh wrote:

Jeff Pound [jfpound (AT) zeno (DOT) math.fsu.edu] wrote:

I've been using the windows server with my Slimp3 for six months or so
and everything has been working fine. Now it's time to migrate to the
Linux server and I have a problem. I have a fresh (server, no GUI )
install of Red Hat 8.0 running on a Compaq Deskpro 6000 (350mhz 128megs
ram). I installed the latest slimserver. The server runs with no errors,
the web interface works great, the player is recognized and seems fine.
But when I play a song it only plays for about 5 seconds, then stops and
the player goes blank about 15 seconds after that and stays that way
until I mess with it. Unfortunately I'm relatively new to Linux so I'm
not sure how to troubleshoot this. :(

I'm really hoping to get this straightened out, any info or suggestions
would be very helpful!!!

Try typing this (as root) and see if it makes a difference:

arp -s 00:04:20:04:03:4B

Where is the player's IP address and 00:04:20:04:03:4B is
the player's MAC address.