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2006-12-15, 10:22
I've recently discovered AutoHotKey (http://www.autohotkey.com/)
It's a window's scripting language that also provides GUI controls.
Anyhow, I've created a front-end for scanner.exe.
It's my first AHK script of any magnitude, so it's likely buggy and not the most logical, but all seems well.

If you have AHK, let me know what you think.
The script could also converted into an executable.

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PS: I'd like to provide a progress bar, but don't know how to get that sort of info from scanner/slimserver via the confines of the scripting lang.

2006-12-15, 10:33
> Anyhow, I've created a front-end for scanner.exe.

Interesting. Do you have screenshots?



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2006-12-15, 10:56
I knew I should have done that...
(mousing over the checkboxes, etc give the "what it is" description)