View Full Version : Possible Flaming Lips Factoid

2006-12-15, 07:51
I think I discovered the origin of the name of the band "The Flaming Lips."

We were watching an obscure Shirley McLaine movie the other night entitled "What a Way to Go." It's a weird blend of 50's musical and 60's "pop" imagery and artiness. Anyway, during one of the dance sequences, there on a theater marquee in the background was emblazoned the title "The Flaming Lips."

2006-12-15, 08:32
Someone told me it was about a girl with a sexual desease!!

I saw them a few months back (I mean the band) for the first time and they were excellent.


2007-01-08, 17:14
I recommend their DVD:

The Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks