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2006-12-14, 05:43

I'm having numerous issues with my SlimServer (SS) Windows XP installation. Here's the background:

1) Installed latest version of SS on my DELL Notebook. Zone Alarm was running and I had I Tunes 6.0 during the installation.

2) I've turned off Zone Alarm

3) I've upgraded ITunes to the latest version 7.?

4) My Itunes references songs on another PC mapped as M:/Music and works just fine

5) I configured my SS Service within Windows to Run with my Logon Credentials and restarted the service.

The wireless squeezebox has worked without flaw, it updated it software without a hitch.

Here are the problems:

1) SS will not import my ITunes library.

2) When I tried to scan my music library directly (disabling the ITunes integration), SS will not accept my mapped M: drive. It says it's invalid, even though Window's explorer can access it.

I've tried both M:/Music and the //MachineName ... syntax, neither work. I was able to import a test album on my local machine (c:/)

3) When I try play music with my Live365 account, both SoftSqueeze and my Squeezebox get hung connecting. SoftSqueeze hangs with a "Checking Stream" message, while my Squeezebox just says "Connecting". My Live365 Player on the PC works just fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Ross L
2006-12-14, 15:57
You've run into a bug in SlimServer 6.5.0 (Live365 problems), simply update to 6.5.1 and that will work:


This new version of SlimServer will also fix the other issue of not being able to access the share. The new version of SlimServer has another option in SlimTray (the little icon by the clock) where you can "Automatically run at login". When you select this option, SlimServer will be running in userland rather than as a service, and it will be able to follow your users authenticated access to either the mapped drive letter, or the UNC path.

Does that make sense?