View Full Version : Downgrade to 6.3.1

2006-12-13, 00:16

I'm having Internet radio problem to use 6.5 and 6.5.1
I downgrade to 6.3.1.(the f/w remains at 69) and it works ok but I lose the clock. I guess it is because the firwmare stays at 69.

Every time I turn off the radio, the whole screen turns black.

I turn it back on, other function works fine.

How do I downgrade the f/w to its corresponding version?

2006-12-13, 08:09
If the firmware needed to be changed it would have prompted you to do it automatically. As it's working OK, I'd guess you don't need to change it. What has probably happened is that your screensaver or brightness settings have changed. Try pressing the brightness button on the remote while in the "off" mode.