View Full Version : Slimserver resetting on music rescan

2006-12-12, 14:48
Hi all,

Just upgraded to slimserver 6.5 and it's crashing on a music database scan.

I suspect that the problem I'm experiencing is down to a dodgy file somewhere in my music library.....

How do I get slimserver to let me know what's happening. I've run slimserver from a command prompt but can't remember what to do..... that's assuming I should be running it from there to try and faultfind this one!

PS. it seems that scanner.exe is crashing then taking slim.exe out. Help!



2006-12-12, 15:37
Do you have a virus scanner installed ? Which one ?

There's also a reported issue with people using Windows Media Connect ?

But as a first step try adding an exception to your virus scanner for *.myi and *.myd files


Ross L
2006-12-12, 16:03
You may also want to consider trying SlimServer 6.5.1 available from here: