View Full Version : Numerous Softsqueeze problems: unusable

2006-12-12, 01:10
Hello everyone

Ever since early Softsqueeze versions (2.2 or something), it started to behave pretty bad on me. The symptoms include (in random order):
- After some time of playing, it stucks with no audio
- Display refresh stucks, but the audio continues
- Buffer not filling up, and current song stops soon after start.

If I go to Slimserver and try to see network stats there, it usually says "Control connection fails".
I use Slimserver 6.5.1, one of the latest nightly builds. I tried to use various Softsqueeze versions, both bundled with the server and the latest from the Sourceforge. Today I have Softsqueeze v.3.2.1, Java version 1.5.0-09.
My network connection is dedicated 2Mbps from home, where the server is located. I play everything transcoded to MP3, 160Kbps. The lame version is 3.96.1

Needless to say, SB3 at the same location and same bitrate plays flawlessly. Also, foobar plays without any problem.

Some problems are mentioned here are also brought up at the project home page forum, but they seem to get little attention there... Anyone?