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2006-12-11, 15:33

I've recently discovered a way to stream music in iTunes from an online storage service. The saved .m3u files are read ok by iTunes so I figured why not Slimserver.

Here is the content of one of the .m3u files & if anyone can explain why this won't play inside SS I'd be really appreciative. I suspect an alement of encryption but defer to someone with more knowledge than I.


#EXTINF:5558689,02 Kingston Town
http://download.xdrive.com/a?tt=2346418|c21uZGZmQGFpbS5jb218TjRKLzBOQkFIOTBPQ XwxMTY1ODQ3NjAxNjA4fG9zPTg1NTMzMDM4N3xzdD0yMDA2LTE yLTExIDA5OjMzOjIxLjB8TUN3Q0ZGTXc0Mm5UYVZFQTNRb05xS lF0NXpsZFhhYWhBaFFkdWVROHRnUS92MVVDdDQ5MlMwK2ZnalJ CUnc9PQ==

#EXTINF:6326956,03 Higher Ground
http://download.xdrive.com/a?tt=2346418|c21uZGZmQGFpbS5jb218TjRKLzBOQkFIOTBPQ XwxMTY1ODQ3ODYzNzI2fG9zPTg1NTM0NTY4MnxzdD0yMDA2LTE yLTExIDA5OjM3OjQzLjB8TUN3Q0ZIZVBHcEM3M09QaHcxNER1U klHV0pZR285WFNBaFJCODVBczBjVnhhTVJhWHV2ZlU5cWdZSXZ IRXc9PQ==

#EXTINF:6597014,08 One In Ten
http://download.xdrive.com/a?tt=2346418|c21uZGZmQGFpbS5jb218TjRKLzBOQkFIOTBPQ XwxMTY1ODQ4MTM1OTA5fG9zPTg1NTM2NjIzN3xzdD0yMDA2LTE yLTExIDA5OjQyOjE1LjB8TUN3Q0ZGalRoN2pEOE5RTWFzbGlHM GJkVVJhTEFGSWlBaFJLYlpIdXFXV0NoZ2hFSkFNMGZhOVo4TGN DaHc9PQ==

#EXTINF:5052954,12 Can't Help Falling In Love
http://download.xdrive.com/a?tt=2346418|c21uZGZmQGFpbS5jb218TjRKLzBOQkFIOTBPQ XwxMTY1ODQ4MzQzNjU4fG9zPTg1NTM4NDY5MnxzdD0yMDA2LTE yLTExIDA5OjQ1OjQzLjB8TUMwQ0ZRQ0wwYXUzcjB0amQvL3BCd nU1blF0c0VuZjR3d0lVREhaUDhMbnFlcTZ3ODVEczVjOU9TK0d zenNRPQ==

#EXTINF:7492085,14 Impossible Love
http://download.xdrive.com/a?tt=2346418|c21uZGZmQGFpbS5jb218TjRKLzBOQkFIOTBPQ XwxMTY1ODQ3MzcyODYyfG9zPTg1NTMwNTEyN3xzdD0yMDA2LTE yLTExIDA5OjI5OjMyLjB8TUN3Q0ZEd3d1U3RUMWJmTVBtSTBzQ XBGblRQSVZuWk1BaFF5QmFoWGptVjVtaTJHZGNsdUQzSHFpMjB 0Nnc9PQ==
#XDRV:855330387,855345682,855366237,855384692,8553 05127

Thanks in advance as always!!

SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 10724 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

Ross L
2006-12-11, 16:11
Could you point us to one of these .m3u files maybe?

Those URLs seem unusual, what should they be pointing to, and mp3 file?

2006-12-11, 16:43
Hi Ross,

Attached is the actual .m3u file. It is created by xDrive.com online storage for playing in iTunes. It points to my network drive .mp3 files.

Ross L
2006-12-11, 18:54
Thanks. I'm not sure how this works, but it doesn't seem to want to play in iTunes or any software I tried here...

So this works in iTunes for you?

2006-12-12, 01:29
I assume you need to login to that service in some way to access your music. Have you specified username/password somewhere in iTunes?
Try the following: Add your username/password to the file paths in the playlist like this:
http://username:password@download.xdrive.com/a?tt=2346418|c21uZGZmQGFpbS5jb218TjRKLzBOQkFIOTBPQ XwxMTY1ODQ3NjAxNjA4fG9zPTg1NTMzMDM4N3xzdD0yMDA2LTE yLTExIDA5OjMzOjIxLjB8TUN3Q0ZGTXc0Mm5UYVZFQTNRb05xS lF0NXpsZFhhYWhBaFFkdWVROHRnUS92MVVDdDQ5MlMwK2ZnalJ CUnc9PQ==


2006-12-14, 15:13
Thanks for the replies & apologies for my delayed response...

No, I do not need to enter my username / password in iTunes for the (in this case Windows Media files) to play. Quite how iTunes is allowed to access my password protected account I am not sure but it does (as does WMP11)!

I have tried editing the .m3u files as suggested with marginal success. I say marginal because the file still does not play but SS does at least recognise the track title before returning the error "Cannot open file."

I think this is really worth pursuing since xDrive.com offer 5Gb of free storage with what seems like any number of user accounts. I truly would like to back up all my current local music to disc albeit at the expense of streamed files & the obvious limitations of streaming.

I'll continue to experiment with the files & if successful will set about modifying the .m3u files using a batch text editor.