View Full Version : Only first song on each album gets MM with MusicIP

2006-12-10, 12:43
I am running SlimServer 6.5 on Debian and MusicMagicServer 1.7 on the same box. Both MusicMagicServer and SlimServer has scanned my library and so on, but only the first song on each album has the "MM"-tag after it in SlimServer. I have the impression that MusicMagic is supposed to work on song-basis?

It's worth noting that when I mix from the songs that do have the MM-tag, MusicMagic returns songs from the whole collection, whether they have a MM-tag in SlimServer or not, so it seems to be a SlimServer issue?

I have searched the forums extensively but have not been able to find this specific issue (if it is an issue).

SlimServer and MusicMagic were started in the correct order and I have rescanned completely in SlimServer a number of times, with no effect.

2006-12-10, 13:42
Not sure if it's the same problem, only on my winxp m/c I see similar if I fail to clear the “music folder” box before doing a clear and rescan.


2006-12-10, 13:48
Thanks for the reply.

This is interesting, I was not aware that I was supposed to clear the "music folder" box when using MusicMagic. Is this a de facto operating procedure? Does MusicMagic actually replace the "standard" sql database of SlimServer. That would be unfortunate, because then I would loose all wma-tracks as Linux MusicMagic does not support this (which in itself is a pretty big drawback for me at the moment...).

Also, independendent on what platfrom SlimServer is running on, wouldn't clearing the "music folder" box clear album art?