View Full Version : URL for radioio One needs to be corrected

2006-12-10, 08:00
It's currently the same as for Eclectic. I recall One was down for a while b/c of bandwidth constraints.

However I can listen to One just fine using the website. So the station seems to be "on air".

Can someone change this and put it in a nightly build?

Or should I be posting this as a bug?

Or should I be asking radioio?

2006-12-10, 08:17
The URLs are provided by RadioIO, so you'd need to ask them.

2006-12-10, 13:15
i'll let them know...

2006-12-11, 10:39
One has been redirected to Eclectic on purpose while we relocate the server for one. It has been this way for a while but should be coming back up soon."

A while is right...I feel like it's been a year. But that's the story.