View Full Version : LAME for Intel Macs

Eric Seaberg
2006-12-09, 12:00
I just did a search and didn't find much on this. Has anyone found a version of LAME that runs on an Intel Mac? I'm watching Activity Monitor on my Intel server and EVERYTHING ELSE is native except for the LAME encoding, which takes 99% of one of the processors while it's encoding!

I did find find a version at http://spaghetticode.org/lame/ but it's meant to be used with Audacity for encoding and doesn't really work when put in the LAME frameworks folder as I had hoped.

Anyone else have a way around this?


2006-12-09, 12:43
You can compile one yourself with fink, or try this link:


2006-12-10, 22:56
Look for an x86 linux or BSD binary. Shouldn't have to compile anything, just copy things into their respective folders.

2006-12-11, 11:19
I haven't tried these, but you can find a version here:


This one is said to be faster: