View Full Version : Will i be able to enjoy uninterupted online radio ???

2006-12-08, 04:45
Hi people,

I am very new to this forum so please excuse me if this question has been asked before....

I am using a new-ish wireless laptop with 0.5Gb ram and 1.6Mhz processor with a good 54mbps wireless router and an up to 8Mbps connection. I love music and have recently discovered online radio which i now cant get enough of, so i desparatly want to buy a wireless squeezebox.

My question is however, will i be able to listen to online radio without interuption ?(i sometimes get 're-buffering stream' when i listen to stations thru itunes or realplayer and it cuts out for a couple of seconds) I hate wiress, so i still want to use a wireless router and the wireless squeezebox.

Can anyone help on this ?? i would hate to buy one then find it doesnt do what i want....

Thanks in advance


2006-12-08, 06:35

I just bought the SB3 myself. It's a great AND useful gadget, I absolutely love it!

Anyway, I run slimserver on my HTPC and everything works great. I have a 1 mbit connection, 54 mbit inhouse wifi. I have a bittorrent client running 24/7 with downloads capped to 80 kb/s (max is approx. 100 kb/s) and I have no interruptions in internet streams (128 kbit = 16 kb/s) - maybe only if downloading large websites/images on top of that.

So don't you worry about interruptions on a 8 mbit line. I'm soon gonna throw out my old-old-old stereo and only use my SB3 and a set of active speakers

2006-12-08, 06:43
Excellent ! thanks for your reply

2006-12-08, 07:47
Some interruptions with some internet radio is inevitable especially with live stations. The interruption can be because network/station is overloaded and your installation will not improve things.

If you get some interruption now with RealPlayer/iTunes then it is likely you will get the same level of interruptions with an SB.

2006-12-08, 09:51
Thanks bpa, i dont mind the odd interuption here and there and i can use the realplayer and itunes stations for hours without any interuptions at all, and yet other times it cuts out every 20 seconds !! i wasnt sure if the squeezebox would improve at all



2006-12-08, 14:39
I bought 2 SBs because I thought it will be perfect for my needs. But I found out that the radio stations that I want to listen to, RTHK (all channels), which are on the Slim Devices Picks list, cause tons of nightmare. I have been in touch with SD tech support but so far there is no solution. You can see my other posts regarding these problems, but basically I've had reboots, auto-shutdown, dropped connection without re-buffering, total system failure, etc. I really hope that SD can fix this or show me how to configure the SB or SN or SS to avoid such problems.

It is true though that for most other stations the connections are rock solid, wireless or wired. So the problems seem to be related to something about stations that are heavily loaded.