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Laurence Hardwick
2003-12-20, 08:46

thanks for the encoragement.
You say

> I don't like the idea of having to go to a separate menu,
> scroll(or button)
> through and set the house code, another separate menu, scroll(or button)
> through and set the device id, and then execute a command.

I was thinking more along the lines that
anything remotely like "Room 3, device 4, ON"
would send my wife screaming for
the light switch on the wall !
Where as "Main bedroom", "Ceiling light", "ON" she could handle.
Just as music is selected by album title and track name
(in my house at least) rather than some arbitraty "album number"
and "track number".

So my way of working is top down, first decideing what
UI I would try to achive, and then to build the components needed to
implement the solution.

We are going to have lots of devices so there is no
way all family memebers we are going to remember
all the codes. However your scheme does work if you have
numbers selecting items from menus.

Perhaps I don't completely understand plug ins,
but I was hoping that something like

Enter X10 mode (somehow)
Enter House code, Enter Device code, Enter command
Would work


If the first sub menu was a list of rooms
and if we assume each room has a different house code( is that safe to
Then entering a digit (house code) will exactly be equivalent to
selecting that room from the list.

The next level down would be the devices within the selected
room so entering a device code will be exactly equivalent to
selecting the device from the list of devices in the room.
(start numbering all devices from 1 upwards in each room)

So entering numbers quickly (for those with good memories)
and scrolling through menus can co exist in the same UI.

The SLIM display will then be a visual confirmation that
when you enter "2","3","command" you did actually select the device
you were thinking of.

TO extend this idea I would think that you could have

Enter X10 mode
house code, device code, "Add to playlist"
house code, device code, "Add to playlist"
house code, device code, "Add to playlist"

Would send the command to each of the selected devices
as this is roughly what X10 allows.
( but I realise you need to handle the case where
there are different house codes selected above because
as I understand it x10 multiple device
commands only work if the house codes are all the same)

(N.B. I am using old "Sony" Slim remote controls)

In this scheme of things there would eventually need
to be an reasonably extensive WEB interface to
allow you to map house codes and device codes
to room and device names. Which is what you list as step 4
But these could be read from a config file while the
interfaces were being developed.
(and even before that could be auto generated as
room 1-n, device 1-n etc.)

Anyway I am looking forward to unwrapping the kit
and seeing some of this in action over the christmas

I will have to remind myself of my Perl skills and get stuck
in, if you don't beat me to it all !