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2003-12-17, 17:34
Posting some specifics on the type of machine you have would really help
here (CPU speed, RAM amount, operating system, etc).

If you are on a UNIX'ish machine then you can run the top command and see
what the processor load, ram/swap usage and so forth is and see if the drops
correlate with CPU spikes or other resource availability problems.

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I have been having a horrible time recently with my slimp3.

I am getting play pauses so frequently that it is unusable, and that
vaunted "spouse approval rating," is pegged at "sleep on couch," as
far as SLIMP3 is concerned.

I have found that the server seems to be constantly sending off UDP
packets, even when the player is inactive (and I sent a ream of them
off to slimdevices).

The server is running on a machine with a large disk, but low
computing power and memory. Is there any way of telling whether swap
or something is causing this problem? If so, a little RAM might be
just what the doctor ordered....

OTOH, the UDP storm seems like something else. (I'm connected to the
player through a wireless adapter, but don't see any signs that that's
the problem.) Anyone have any diagnostic suggestions?

Yours in desperation,