View Full Version : SS6.5.1 & MIP 1.7 Mixing?

2006-12-05, 21:40
I have started to see a trend of repeating MIP mixes. This is happening when I select song from either my SB3, Transporter or Softsqueeze players and hold down the Play button on the remote to create a MusicIP Mixer mix of songs. Then the same list of songs and artists are created. This continues to happen even when I clear the playlist. I have a large library of songs and artist but the same songs and artists are continually chosen.

Shouldn't the expected behavior be a unique list of songs even with the same seed song being selected to create the mix?

Has anyone else seen this?

2006-12-05, 23:15
I suspect that it is something to do with the mix variety setting.

See what reply you get in the MIP forum.

2006-12-06, 14:13
You are correct.
I tried playing around with that and it now randomly selects songs and artists.


2006-12-06, 15:29
Just for interest, what was it set to initially and then what did you set it to ?

I have Mix Style set to 175, Mix Variety set to 3 and Genre to no.

2006-12-08, 09:59
I had Mix Style set to 200 and Mix Variety set to 0 and Genre set to Yes.

Changing the Mix Variety to 1 or greater worked.

I have since found using the "filters" within MMM & SS to be even more effective in narrowing down to only the artist I wish to have playlists made from. If you haven't played around with this I highly recommend it.

Another thing, is there a way to set up a continuos playlist similar to the "Randow Playlist" selection from within SS but using MMM?