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Eric Seaberg
2006-12-04, 12:39
I'm not convinced that the volume info for each of my files is correct, or may have been added accidentally! Is there a way to 'edit' this info in the file tag? I guess that depends on the file format.

Maybe I should ask how SlimServer gets the info for volume? Does it actually re-scan the files of a playlist, or does it use the tag info, i.e. from iTunes?

Thanks guys....

Eric Seaberg
2006-12-04, 13:00
I've already found some other threads addressing this.


2006-12-04, 13:58
SlimSerever doesn't compute Replay Gain, it only uses what it has been told the gain is (assuming it has been set at all and that it has been told to honor it).

These are embedded in the tags in the files.

SlimServer doesn't need to do a full rescan to read these, since they are set on each file, they will be re-read whenever the file is accessed (ie, played).

2006-12-04, 15:33
An enhancement request for better control over conflicting volume adjustment settings (iTunes manual, iTunes SoundCheck, ReplayGain, etc) is logged as bug 4362.


Eric Seaberg
2006-12-04, 15:43
I'd look at mp3tag but I'm a Mac user, and even if I ran mp3tag on my Dell laptop, I won't be able to mount my HFS+ drive with the files on it.

Thanks again for the reply... I'll have iTunes re-scan to see if it helps then turn Smart-gain Off/On as needed.

Eric Seaberg
2006-12-05, 19:42
GREAT NEWS for Mac users! I found shareware called iVolume http://www.mani.de/en/software/macosx/ivolume/index.html that takes a BIG LEAP where iTunes Sound Check leaves off.

iVolume looks at the AVERAGE LEVEL of each file based on an algorithm from HydrogenAudio.org (you can even set a relative default level in dB, i.e. typical listening of 92 dB SPL). It gives you the option of taking the analysis PER SONG, MANUAL PER ALBUM or AUTOMATIC PER ALBUM. It then RE-WRITES the tag that iTunes adds to each file. This DOES NOT change the file... only the TAG info. When you play your tunes with iTunes (or SlimServer) and select either Sound Check (or Smart Gain) everything should be much more balanced. If you don't want the Smart Gain stuff, turn it off and your music is back to its original self.

iVolume is $15 US at the link above.

2006-12-08, 10:21
I tried out iVolume and it doesn't work. Seems others (according to reviews on versiontracker.com) have had the same experience with the new update (2.0.2).
Hope the author fixes the problems. Could be a great program.

Eric Seaberg
2006-12-08, 20:09
It works great for me... even with iTunes at work. I'm in the audio biz and can DEFINITELY tell that everything is real close!! Much better than iTunes' algorithm.

How are you using it? With my semi-normal library of 9000+ tunes it took almost 24-hours to sample and set the volume running on a 1.8GHz Duo MacMINI (Intel).