View Full Version : How do I go back to 6.3?

2006-12-04, 08:15
With 6.3, when I turned my system on, my music started playing. Now, despite working with tech support to come up with a solution, I'm having more problems than ever, like skipping at the start of a song. Can I just go back to 6.3, and if so, how? I can't find it on the download page. I use Windows XP.

2006-12-04, 08:43
AFAIK it's pretty easy to roll back to 6.3. You need to uninstall Slimserver and delete the Slimserver directory entirely, then do a fresh install of 6.3 and any plugins you use (6.2/3 version only).

The Downloads directory is on the Resources page with the Nightlies:


2006-12-04, 08:45
Thanks for your help.

2006-12-04, 08:49
You can get it here:

Select the Windows executable.

You need to uninstall the 6.5 version and delete the slimserver folder and all its contents before installing 6.3.1. Check Windows Task Manager for mysqld and stop the process (not removed when slimserver is stopped).