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2006-12-04, 00:08
Hi all -

I have a squeezebox 3 running firmware rev 64, server version 6.5.0.. I am able to connect to the squeezebox and issue it commands, even tell it to play songs - but when a song is played, the device pauses for a couple of seconds then says that the connection timed out. The title display on the device, but no music. It is reporting a wireless signal strength of 95%+ and it behaves correctly when I do anything accept actually try to play a song. The same songs DO play fine on the softsqueeze, so the server side seems fine..

running a netgear wireless router with the turbomode turned off (just b and g)



2006-12-04, 01:09
It would be a good idea, if possible, to test it out with a wired connection to start with.

It may be that you have lots of interference - you could try a different wireless channel.

And although its probably not relevant, the 6.5.1 nightlies have a lot of bug fixes in.